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  1. Appraisal of oil systems

    Appraisal studies of oil systems describe the operation and interdependencies between geo-petroleum elements and processes that determined the current accretion of hydrocarbons. Basically they are a series of numerical models that describe in two, three or four dimensions the generation, expulsion, migration and accretion of hydrocarbons in sedimentary basins. The purpose is to characterize and determine the evolution models of the elements (generating and storing rocks, seal rocks and load rocks) and the processes (tramps formation and hydrocarbons generation-expulsion-migration) of oil systems in prospective sedimentary basins, through validation, interpretation, integration and modeling of data and geological, geochemical and geophysical information. The final objective consists in the appraisal of potential hydrocarbon resources and their geographical, stratigraphic and temporal distribution in the geological units under exploration process, encompassing the following:
    • Construction of structural configurations of diverse stratigraphic levels and geometrical restoring of stratigraphic horizons.
    • Balance and restoration of geological sections. Kinematic modeling and reconstruction of evolutional paleo geometries.
    • Simulation and modeling of sedimentation, subsidence, compacting and erosion processes.
    • Quality characterization and quantification of organic matter available to generate hydrocarbons.
    • Reconstruction of thermal history and maturity calculation of generating rocks, regarding to the basement nature and of petro-physical and thermal conductivity properties of sedimentary sequences.
    • Simulation and kinetic modeling of hydrocarbons generation, expulsion and migration in n phases and the system’s fluids flow, regarding the distribution of petro-physical properties.
    • Calibration and geochemical correlations.
    • Delimitation of drain areas and plays.
    • Balance of masses and definition of geographical and stratigraphic distribution of hydrocarbons accretion families.
    • Global and individual appraisal of the diverse prospective areas and portfolio of investment opportunities.

    Oil systems studies provide risk and uncertainty reduction for the client in the hydrocarbon reserves incorporation process and consequently, increase the success factor in the exploratory process. Strategic information is produced for the design and adaptation of strategies and operatives.

    Relevant experiences:
    • Characterization and delimitation of oil systems in Mexico.
    • Integration of geological-geophysical information and modeling of oil systems in the deep Gulf of Mexico.
    • Prospects’ simulation, modeling and appraisal.
    • Study and identification of tertiary plays in the South continental platform.


Requirements: Depending on the user’s needs and requirements.

Cost: Variable price depending on scope.

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Dr. Felipe Ortuño Arzate
Technological Coordinator of Geosciences  


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