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Remote manipulation and simulation Area (MR)


This area provides support for both interpretation and simulation of the structures present in different materials. The area counts with simulation and manipulation dedicated computing workstations and specialized software for simulation of structures and diffraction patterns. Additionally we have internet access to a network of several national and international research centers.

An example of this would be carbon nanowires inserted in multiwalled nanotubes. Structural characterization of these nanowires is done by high resolution transmission electron microscopy and tunneling microscopy, while they are modeled and simulated by electron structure techniques, classic molecular dynamics and dynamics.


Single layer MoS2 nanocumulus STM imaging, 150 Å x 150 Å
  Atomic model of the 2H-MoS2 Structure.  
  Single layer MoS2 nanocumulus STM imaging, 150 Å x 150 Å.    


Additionally, the Lab will start to offer remote microscopy services by the first half of 2010, for which we count with the hardware and software needed, so that the following microscopes may be remotely controlled:

- FEI Tecnai F-30
- JEOL JEM-2200
- VEECO Dimension 3100

The specific internet requirements must be addressed by the interested institution, either in the country or overseas.

The possibilities of these services range from obtaining results in real time, with a local operator, to the remote manipulation of the equipment.


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