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Constant growth

Constant growth

Fernando Manzanilla Sevilla became the IMP’s sixth General Director (1988-1992). In addition to his being a pioneer in the Institute and an officer in Pemex, he was a renowned professional because of his technological expertise on petroleum affairs. He restructures those activities involving basic and technological research thus creating the Applied Scientific Research Sub-Direction.

It was during his period, when Pemex’s Organic Law was modified and industrial and commercial tasks of this company were separated. With this separation, new areas were created, that is Pemex Exploration and Production, Pemex Refining, Pemex Gas and Basic Petro-chemical, of a technological, industrial and commercial character, with their own legal character and their own assets.

This new structure of PEMEX paved the way for the Mexican Petroleum Institute to other activities also related to research and technological development. With Victor Manuel Alcérreca Sánchez as director (1992-1995), several strategic areas of the institute were promoted and administrative measures were implemented to improve its financial position.

Since 1994 a new organization was considered, structures by business units to strengthen various research areas, technological development, basic process engineering and specialized technological services.

Francisco Barnés de Castro (1995-1996) promoted an improvement in the quality of the IMP’s human resources as well as the development of research projects of interest to Pemex subsidiaries.

Under his command, the Support Fund for Basic and Technological Research, FIES, was created, with the participation of researchers from different colleges and universities, in the exploration of fields, in producing energy, in processing, handling, distribution and economy, and the use of non-contaminating hydrocarbons and their products to contribute to the advancement and development of new work methodologies to help reinforce Pemex’s competitive position.

During Gustavo Chapela Castañares’s direction (1996-2005) work was focused in two fundamental goals: construction of a research critical mass and the development of strategic projects in areas such as naturally fractured deposits, transport of hydrocarbons, Maya crude processing, clean fuels, deep waters, energy optimization, environmental protection and industrial safety. Also, upon acquisition of the SAP R/3 tool and commissioning of IMP’s Integral Information System (SIIIMP), a new way to work was developed which made all administrative paper work and managerial tasks more efficient since 1999.

As a result of Science and Technology Law and subsequent amendments, IMP was recognized on July 21, 2000 as Public Research Center, which resulted in the modification of its Decree of Creation and from October 30, 2001, in structuring a graduate program, which empowers the IMP to train specialists, teachers, doctors and researchers in the areas of its activity.


Commitment’s authentication…

Jose Antonio Ceballos Soberanis, as General Director of the IMP (2005-2006), had the purpose to reaffirm those principles that led to its origin and take on one more --the vocation to research and conduct technological development aligned to Petroleos Mexicanos, to offer products generating value to Pemex; deliver technological services, promptly, efficiently, with efficacy and high in quality; to keep Pemex updated on technological advances and application opportunities; improve quality and competitiveness of technological services; and improve availability of specialized human resources.

With Dr. Heber Cinco Ley, current director since February 2007, the Mexican Petroleum Institute, reaffirms its commitment of a public research center, created for the generation of its own technology to add value for Pemex and give competitive advantages in the national and international ambits, as well as to train and update the workers in the most important industry of the countryIn February 2007, when doctor Héber Cinco Ley (2007-2010), took charge as Director General of IMP, reaffirms its commitment of a public research center, created for the generation of its own technology to add value for Pemex and give competitive advantages in the national and international ambits, as well as to train and update the workers in the most important industry of the country.


IMP in 2012

The industry is facing technological challenges which are increasingly greater and, as a response, the IMP centers its research activities and technological development in strategic areas related to exploration and exploitation of deep water deposits, heavy crudes, tertiary oil exploitation in the Gulf (Chicontepec) and production of clean fuels.

In light of the requirements of the most important industry in the country, José Enrique Villa Rivera, General Director of the IMP (2010-2011), started a thorough transformation of this institution for the purpose of strengthening its two core activities: research and services provided to Pemex in order to recover the technological and scientific leadership of the Institute.

Thus, his administration was based on the principles of transparency, quality, competitiveness, public accountability in all institutional work and an austere management of the institutional resources in compliance with the regulatory framework. He was convinced that IMP would make progress on regaining its leading position and on developing as a more open and flexible organization, sensitive to the needs of Pemex and of the country.

By March 2011, the Institute was led by Efrén Parada Arias, the thirteenth General Director, whose commitment was to face the challenges of the institution to support and provide solutions to the national petroleum industry and to continue promoting the institutional change process already started. He worked close to the IMP community which has accrued great knowledge about Pemex essential operations and processes, besides having the most important specialized infrastructure asset in the country.

During this administration, the institution has been acknowledged in different areas such as the Business Process Management Model (BPMM), considered a success case by the Secretaría de la Función Pública (Ministry of Public Administration). Another milestone is the Quality Registry issued recently by QMI SAI Global, certifying that this research center has been the first public institution accredited in all research, operational, financial and administrative processes in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 standards.

Vinicio Suro Pérez was appointed General Director of the IMP as of June 2012.



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